Class Descriptions 

Kids Music N' Motion has one main goal: to educate children about the spectacular world of music! We offer a variety of classes throughout the South Bay. We believe that Classes should be educational but fun.
Here you will find all of the classes we offer! 

Mixed Age Group

Join the fun with a mixed age group and family and friends. Designed for the working parent who wants to participate in a fun and educational music class with their children.

Ages: Birth to 6                                            Cost: $160 for 8 Weeks
Early Childhood Music

Each week your child will learn new songs including holiday, traditional, folk and multicultural. Percussion instruments will be used each week. Rhythm will be taught with drums, castanets, tone blocks, maracas, and bells. Children will be introduced to orchestra instruments as well as others from around the world. Movement, dancing and literature are also taught in fun and imaginative ways. These classes will prepare your child for the beginning piano course or violin classes available when they turn 4!

Infants: birth to walking. Parent participation required.

Toddler: walking children who are starting to learn basic language and want to learn socialization skills. Parent participation required.

Preschool: For children who are verbal, have good basic motor skills (running and jumping) and are learning fine motor skills and want to learn listening skills. Parent participation encouraged.

Mixed Age Group: birth to age 6. Designed with sibling families in mind. Classes are taught at all levels to be fun and educational as well as convenient for the families with more than one child.

  Cost $140.00 for 8 Weeks

Come learn basic strumming and chords along with reading of music in this fun adventure of learning the basics to play guitar.

Ages : 5 and up                                 Cost : $180.00 for 8 Weeks
Mommy & Me

Come join the fun as we do an hour and a half of music and movement and then talk about different topics such as nutrition, language, literature, as well as doing baby oriented activities. Do baby yoga, stroller walking, learn basic sign language and more! Great class for first time moms or if you are looking for friends with children in the same age group.

Cost : $170.00 for 8 weeks

Come join the fun with your child as we do daily activities in Art, Music, Language, Social Studies and Science! Socialize your child and prepare them to enter their first preschool experience. Meet other local parents with children of the same age group.

Cost for 8 Weeks:

$180.00 for 8 weeks

Come join the fun as children learn about breath control, head voice, matching pitch and phrasing, and improve their articulation! We will also introduce music theory for children in this fun and exciting class. All different types of music will be taught, including Pop, Classical, Broadway and much more.

Ages : 6 and up                                 Cost : Privates & Semi Privates Only

Join our fun and innovative group violin classes. Learn posture, rhythm and bowing while building a concrete foundation of learning to read music.

Ages : 5 and up                                               Cost : Privates and Semi Privates Only

Students will be introduced to basic note recognition, finger placement, keyboard scales, and ear training. Introduction to basic songs, singing and music games. Develop basic finger-dexterity as well as an interest and love for music.

Ages : 4 to Adults                                                Cost : $180.00 for 8 Weeks