Early Childhood Music Classes
Each week your child will learn new songs including holiday, traditional, folk and multicultural. Percussion instruments will be used each week. Rhythm will be taught through drums, castanets, tone blocks, maracas, and bells. Pre-reading of music will be introduced as well as the value of musical notes in the Preschool and Kindergarten classes. Children will be introduced to all the orchestra instruments as well as instruments from around the world. Movement, dancing and literature are also familiarized in fun and imaginative ways. These classes will then prepare your child for the beginning piano course or violin classes when children turn age 4!

Cost : $105.00 for 8 Weeks

Generally birth to walking. Parent participation is required for this class.

Walking children who are starting to learn basic language, learning basic large motor skills (walking slow and fast) and want to learn socialization skills. Parent participation is required for this class.

For children who are verbal, have good basic motor skills (running and jumping) and are learning fine motor skills and want to learn listening skills. Parent participation is encouraged.

Mixed Age Group
(Ages Birth to 6)
Do you have multiple children and are tired of running them to different activities at different locations? Then this class is for you. Designed with sibling families in mind. Classes are taught at all levels to be fun and educational as well as convenient for the families with more than one child.
Hesse Park         
Ladera Linda Park

Listings of Class per Location:

    Monday                       Tuesday                           Wednesday                           Thursday                           Friday                           Saturday        

Hesse Park :
Ladera Linda Park :

Preschool Class: 11:00am  

Preschool Class: 3:00pm

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Hesse Park
Early Childhood
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Rancho Palos Verdes / San Pedro
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Class Locations

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Toddler Class: 9:00am

Infant Class: 12:00pm

Preschool Class: 4:15pm

Toddler Class: 10:00am

Preschool Class: 11:00am

Mixed Age Group: 4:00pm
Mixed Age Group: 3:30pm

Preschool Class: 3:30pm

Preschool Class: 9:00am

Toddler Class: 10:00am

Mixed Age Group: 11:00am
Mixed Age Group: 3:15pm
Alta Vista Community Center:

Toddler Class: 10:00am

Preschool Class: 11:00am

Infant Class: 12pm